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Fair & Honest

We have been doing business with Larry Huneycutt for years. He has always been fair and honest with us on anything we have sold, or bought from him. I think anyone can feel confident buying or selling from him.


Coy and Brenda Eudy

Make Fair Offers!

“I have known Mr. Larry Huneycutt for about four years now and have found him to be a super individual who you will be glad to do business with. I myself have sold four cars to Larry in the past. He looked at my cars and made a good offer. The purchase was strength forward and no surprises. I have since recommended Larry to friends in Florida, West, Va. and South Carolina. All reported that Larry treated them with respect, made fair offers on their vehicles, and paid promptly.I would not hesitate to do business with Larry or recommend him to my friends.” 


Jonathan Smith

Nothing But A Positive Experience

“Larry Huneycutt is one of the finest Christians I have ever known. I have sold him many cars in the past 15 years and I have also referred him to other folks that were selling their collector cars. Everyone that I have sent to him has had nothing but a positive experience. Above all, he is a cherished friend.”


Jimmy Shore

Very Happy Customer

“Larry talked through my listing with me and made me a great offer on the vehicle. He literally paid what I was asking for the vehicle no questions asked. Following this great interaction with Mr. Larry he had a gentleman call me who would show up, pay me cash money, handle all title issues, and take the car all in the same day. The gentleman who called was very professional and conducted business in a very professional manner. The entire process was seamless, made me feel very secure, provided a safe environment for our transaction, and Mr. Larry has continued to follow up with me over the past year to say hello and ask how I am doing. Very Happy Customer.”


Ben Baxley

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